Is Mathematics really hard?

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It was an hour-long debate with Rehma, as per she, mathematics is the toughest subject, to whom I disagree completely! for me it was a game based on numbers, where you just need few tips and tricks to understand the basic concept of math and use it to make your life a little fun.

For example, lets talk about the divisibility rule, to have a smart edge over everyone else. It will help you to divide in situations where your parent asks you for a quick calculation or you want to divide the share of your bill amongst friends but alas don’t want to pull out a calculator.

  • First one is easy Every even number is divisible by 2: try it!


  • How to know that a number is divisible by 3 or not? Simply add all the digits of that number, if the answer is divisible by 3 than the whole number is.

For example. Want to divide 8,976 by 3, lets figure out, can it really be without any remainder?

8+9+7+6=30 and yes you don’t need a calculator to figure it out that 30 does come in the table of 3. The number 8,976 is completely divisible by 3 i.e. 8,976 divided by 3 = 2,992.


  • Divisibility Rule for 5, a piece of cake, if number ends with a digit 0 or 5 than close your eyes and divide it by


  • What about 7? Well this one is quirky, first take the last digit of a number than multiply it by 2, subtract the answer with the remaining digits. If it comes in table of 7 than the whole number is divisible by 7, if it is still big repeat the step again and again and again…

For example. 6,909 is our number to be in question, lets take its last digit i.e. 9 multiply it by 2 answer is 18, now subtract 18 from remaining digits i.e. 690-18= 672, well number is still big lets do it again! Take last digit i.e. 2 multiply it by 2 = 4, subtract it from remaining digits i.e. 67-4= 63

Walla! 63 does come in the table of 7 so the whole number belongs to 7.

Few things to note here, to make math easier, learn tables from 2 to 9 that’s all, and here I have taken the first few prime numbers to show the divisibility rule,

What’s prime numbers? Stay tuned to learn more.

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MuzIs Mathematics really hard?

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