In order to serve our tutors and to ensure the trust of the students, we have designed our policies which secures the interest of both individuals.

There is no registration fee.

In order to provide and diversify jobs to everyone we don’t believe in registration fee, Tuition are open to everyone but to avail the opportunity you have to fill our registration form with all the relevant documents.

Payment Procedure

As stated above, we make sure to serve our tutors and prioritize the trust of our students. We take the first month’s fee by the student and subsequently pay to the tutor this allows us to act as a mediator for tutor and a guarantee to the student. In case of absence of tutor, we make sure to provide a substitute to our client with same caliber or to refund the fee as our client wills.

Account Details

Student can deposit the fee in any branch of the following accounts, after the deposit send a confirmation message to the respective numbers

Bank AL Habib Ltd.

Title:                                     MURTAZA AMMIR

A/C Number:                     1014 0981 008920 01 6

Contact Number:             0335 1234 173


Title:                                     Abdul Mughni

Account Number:            0891 2304 3100 4322

Contact Number:             +92 332 2835 379


Title:                                     MURTAZA AMMIR

A/C Number:                     2008 781 489

Contact Number:             0335 1234 173

Eligibility for Tutors

We try to provide teaching jobs all over the Pakistan. However, qualification is the only eligibility, we are open for registration to Under-Graduates, Graduates and Post Graduates. In order to increase your chances to get a tuition, few things should be kept in mind.
• It is purely merit based. As we don’t charge registration fee, patience is needed to get a tuition
• You must be from the same educational background as of the student or have experience of that educational background.
• You must be from the vicinity of the student’s area of residence, as it allows you to minimize your commute expense, in return offering student a reasonable fee.
• In order to teach professional subjects, you must be a graduate in the same field as of the student.

Eligibility for Small institutions/Home tuition

In order to get students at your house, You must,
• Be open for the visit of our officers and parents of the student.
• Have a proper area for the class i.e Sound proof, Clean and tidy with proper sitting arrangements.
• Have a communication/messaging group with us and the parents.
General eligibility for tutors will be applicable in case of Online tuition (except the condition of vicinity) as well as Home tuition.

Steps to get a tuition

• Follow any platform, on which you are most active to get the first look on the available tuition, if it is relevant, message us on any platform to be noted.
• After the eligibility check through your registration form, we do contact to provide you with details
• After getting details you must call the student/parent/Guardian to arrange a meeting, where you will demonstrate your teaching to the student.
• In the meeting you will discuss the Days per week, Time per day, Timings and Fee. We do not fix the fee, so it is up to you to quote according to your feasibility.
• After the demo you will inform us. If for any reason you don’t want to continue make sure to inform us before the client.
• Tuition assigned to you are not transferable.

Commission Policy

Commission is charged on the tuition which are provided to you and successfully assigned, detail policy about the commission will be received along with the registration form.

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