Our Services

We offer secure and affordable Home tutors in the major cities of Pakistan; our services also expand through Online tuition to the foreign student who desire to continue their studies in Pakistan and one from the secluded areas who is breaking the chains and wants basic education to apply for the Higher Education in the major cities. We are also here to support small institutions and offer student a wide variety of choice regardless of their budget, because we make education easy for everyone.

Home Tutoring

Tutoring was invented in 12th Century BC in ancient Greece with the same motive as it is today to educate your kin. We offer tutors as per your budget, of your vicinity, with their background checks and CNIC verified. Home tutors provide the best knowledge, educate them with the career possibilities and help your child to think out of the box. Education is not pressuring someone to produce results, but uncovering the potential!


Private tuition often gets misinterpreted as only a recommendation to the students with low IQ or the ones who are not doing well in their academics, which is not true, tuition is to assist every student, to clear their misconceptions, daily revisions and weekly tests. The secret of getting ahead is getting started! Which most of the parents know, how hard it is to keep a kid’s focus on studies. Tutors promote a habit, make them follow a timetable and keep them up to date with the current affairs.

Our Home Tutors are picked only on their qualification and expertise. We do not charge any “Registration Fee” from them, which leaves us with only one thing in mind to provide our clients with the best. With a variety of Male and Female tutors, both undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates, allow us to empower your kid with the best knowledge and exposure to the field which intrigues him the most.

Advantages of a home tutor are one-on-one attention, quick problem solving, at your comfort and right in front of your eyes. Most parents do not send their kids to the institute because of the vagueness, unsure of the kid’s attendance, unresponsive management and transportation issues. Our chain of coaching centres answers these issues.

Our services and criteria make sure that you can get a mentor for your child, which will benefit him not only for the time being but the rest of his academic life.

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Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring became a necessity in 2020, where staying home saved lives. There are lots of factors involved to have a successful online class, such as high-speed stable internet connection, engaging material by teachers and continuous monitoring by parents it was much easier before, everything was a responsibility of the teachers. However, some parents found it very convenient, rather than home-schooling they are considering of hiring online tutors. Students also love the privilege of taking classes as per their convenience and software such as Word and PowerPoint made them a good presenter.

Online classes are also good for those who live in remote areas but dream to get the most updated knowledge and experience the best teaching etiquettes. In this modern world, nothing should be limited, we have internet facility in the most remote areas now still growing. A nation develops by its educated citizens and in today’s era education is easy to reach through the medium you desire.

As for keeping convenience in our mind, we have introduced online tutoring; it connects the tutor and the student through an online platform such as Zoom to make education convenient and easy. Our online tutors are equipped with all the instruments to provide the best learning experience. Customized PowerPoint presentations, online noting, digital boards and online tests to keep learning fun and meaningful.

Get yourself an Online Tutor.

In times of COVID-19, we faced a real challenge of a seamless continuation of education, challenges were there but our teachers were as connective to the student as they were before the pandemic, they made sure that distance learning does not become a hurdle in a kid’s essential learning age. We are proud to say that during pandemic we helped thousands of parents to get their kids vital learning when the entire educational world was suffering and retreating.

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Our Institutes

Institutes offer the best budget to performance ratio, teachers are highly qualified, with responsible and cooperative management. If your child does not require one-on-one attention, coaching centres are a way to enhance educational growth. Different style of teaching provides a choice to student to grab the easiest way to understand. The question which arises from other students enables others to think over that perspective it is a win-win situation for teachers and students.

You must have confused once to which institute you should admit your child, every institution brags about a famous teacher and yes, they are the brand, but should you care for such. Well, what we have discovered in our expedition to hunt out the institutes is the very famous teachers are a brand ambassador. Many coaching centres are right near the main roads, constant traffic, Bazaars and food courts. Should it be justified? Most of the time student wanders around rather than learning the age of curiosity! That is why we have enlisted the institutes which according to us have the best environment, qualified teachers and management always ready to help you.

Our Academy encompasses all the fields of O and A level, Sindh Board, Federal Board and Aga Khan education Board (AKUeb). Our teachers are experienced, qualified and determined to provide their immensely best with modern techniques and smart learnings, gone those days of cramming AKA Ratta!

The different medium of learning enables every parent to think for their kid’s future, from Home Tutors to Institutes, whether it is science, commerce or arts, either in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad. Through our online platform, not only we assist all over Pakistan but the international students around the world. We believe in our students from the past Four years we have tripled our tutor’s force by recruiting our ex-students which is a remarkable achievement.

Hence, education made easy.

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Assisting Assignments

Get your assignments done, regardless if it was of accounting, business, science or arts. Our team of professionals are always available to assist you with the best.

From preparation of the aptitude test to the final year’s thesis, our professionals do not steal your hard work solely provide their insight and help you push that last point you were trying to make or complete your research by their knowledge and experience.

To our international community, where students support their education by working, leaves them in a situation, when they cannot complete their assignments in the time and had to pay the penalty fee or does not have enough time to research and compile all the important notes for the work. We offer professionals such as doctors, engineers, accountants and content writers to complete your assignment without plagiarism.

Study materials from Universities in Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, the United Kingdom and rest of the world is available. Our assisters are familiar with the topics and have worked multiple times to fine-tune the tone of the project to appeal the appraiser.

We also have a professional team of content writers and proof-readers working together to complete your assignment with customized answers as per your need and format.

Our online portal enables the individual to connect with helpers in a breeze. You can get help in your assignments or get it done by a professional in hours, the fastest service provider with satisfied clients. If you are looking for tutoring services, refer to our tutor page.

Be it your research-based work or solving the factual data, get your assignments done through our portal with surety!

Do you have any queries? Contact us now! we are available 24/7 to assist you.

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    Mohammad Umer Karachi
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