Confused? – Easy guide to choose subjects in O-level?

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It’s okay to be confused.

Well, I wish it could be answered! The deciding factor in subject selection will be your career counselling and the fields.

What is the point of taking sciences if you finally take accounting as your profession or being a mechanical engineer looking back to your choices. Biology! Really?

This misconception is must be corrected that one who is not dazzling in studies chooses commerce and the one who is genius selects sciences, preferably “biology”. We all been through this at least once. 

Today let’s talk take an insight of my career journey. In 9th I chose Biology as my major working towards aeronautical engineering, with determination I applied for the engineering university, after a tough competition I passed my aptitude but was rejected on medical grounds; I was colour blind. Finally pursued Chartered Accountancy! Well, if I was career counselled at the very beginning of my higher studies and the medical abnormalities were normal and known to me, I would have paved my path towards my accountancy career.

Break-Down of Ordinary Level’s Subject. (Pakistan) Administrative Zone 4

The Cambridge O Level program is a three years certification, in which student has to pass Five compulsory subjects to pass the exams but three optional subjects are must for admission in the local university; theoretically, any three subjects can be chosen. However, most schools have set subjects into groups and the student is mandated to choose any of the group.

There are Five Compulsory and Three optional Subjects.



Pakistan Studies–2059 


English Language–1123 

Urdu–3247 or 3248 


  1. Medical Science
  1. Computer Science
  1. Commerce
  1. Humanities and Social Sciences

The 9th subject.

Mathematics Additional–4037  

English Literature–2010 

Art and Design–6090 

A subject from above three can be chosen as the 9th subject for your O levels, this is specifically to enhance your skills, not at all necessary.

Career Choice


(BSc. Finance, CMA, CA, ACCA, ICMA etc.)

If you desire to choose any accountancy related career a good option is to have a very firm basis for it. In O levels commerce group will help you get the basic gist of the bookkeeping and Business. Never worry for the curriculum, if you need a tutor for your O levels commerce in Karachi, Pakistan, we are here to help you out. 

Medical Fields:

(Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Optometry, Chiropractic, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine)

Well, each division of the medical field has a vast variety of fields leading by surgeons and practitioner followed by consultancies. It requires substantial investment both regarding time and money if one is determined to follow the field, and all the hardships there in the basic in O levels will lead to the greater understanding in the university. Medical Sciences will help an individual mark the basic understanding in professional life. Our team of medical sciences tutors marvel in teaching concept with examples and illustrative pictures to reinforce the concept. Conceptual learning is a must in the medical field. Being biology it requires a firm knowledge of living organisms, chemistry will lead you to understand the chemical composition in them and physics will relate one to the laws of nature and ways to use them or overcome them to progress. Take a demonstration of our tutors.

Computer Sciences:

(Software Developer, Database Administrator, Hardware Engineer, Systems Analyst, Network Architect, Web Developer, Information Security Analyst, Computer and Information Research Scientists.)

Let’s talk about the inevitable future. As per many analysts, the future will lead to massive unemployment most of the current skills and fields will turn obsolete, as it did in the era of industrialization. Today, we cannot deny our dependence on the electronics, being it a cellophane or your car, security system in your office or home, auto-pilot in planes and now cars we are stepping towards an era of computers. Now is a perfect time for your kin and kith to learn to code, skills what future needs and for that the basics of O levels is undeniable. Computer sciences will enable one to think creatively and basics of the computer, if fed well, will lead to a certain successful future. And yes, we have computer sciences experts in our tutor base, they know where you stand and will enable you to polish your skills. 


(Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering.)

A four years program which ensures a good status, decent salary and easy investment. Yes, engineering is of many types, graduation is merely the start of a life-time learning process where if you want to be a part of the industry you need to enhance your skillset. As one says, “you go to bed with a piece of knowledge and wake up to find that it’s obsolete.” If you keep yourself updated, you need not worry. fraternity of engineers is one of the important parts of the country’s development.

We at Tutors and Tuition ensure, no matter what your child desires to choose, we are always here to provide the best tutor with experience, knowledge, and qualification. Our career counsellors bring out the interests and by a team of skilled tutors in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore – Pakistan, we establish a chain of home and online tutors who are linked to assist and develop a firm educational network.

MuzConfused? – Easy guide to choose subjects in O-level?
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The Phenomena of Karachi’s Education

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Karachi is the world’s 7th largest city is impaired by a good educational institution!

At now in 2020 there are 6 educational boards, conducting examinations in Karachi. Namely,

Cambridge-British Council

  1. (CAIE) Cambridge Assessment International Education.

United States of America, Switzerland.


Board of Education Sindh


As everyone agrees, education is a crucial aspect of one’s life, however, few know the true meaning of education; it is to prepare one for the challenges in an adult’s life. School fails all but a tiny portion of the students! Schools are segregated mainly into two parts, highly academic private schools or deprived government schools where human ingenuity, energy, goodwill, and talent all get lost on an industrial scale. We are so much normalized to it that every one of us has either gave up on one’s dream or killed someone else’s. Just open the curriculum of your sixth or eighth-grader, where is marketing, ethics, competition, leadership, and management? Should not everyone educate themselves with it? Tutors are stress and burden for the students. If a tutor is ill-prepared himself, he will teach the same to his pupil.

The problem lies in the national curriculum; we are too used to the normal syllabus. The personality development is lacking in 90% of the graduates, soft skills do nothing in your resume, education has become an industry to mass-produce Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru.

CAIE and IB in Karachi is a bright step in educational development, their curriculum is updated but little they impact on personality development. Examination criteria of CAIE embark the ambitious students by awarding marks on what one knows than how much one writes. IB excels in educational development by their project-based learning rather than exam based. However, firstly these boards are not available to Karachi’s majority because of the financial reasons, and secondly, less desirable by the middle class as these boards are not honored and recognized by the universities in Karachi.

BSEK and BIEK, if I should phrase it in such words that these boards and their execution are an utter joke in the 21st century and the developed era we are in, is not disrespectful. From their curriculum to their execution, the condition of government schools or lack of their operation is evident proof of the seriousness of The Government of Sindh.

Execution of Online Classes by the government is still pending in September when schools are about to reopen, which was planned to air during the coronavirus pandemic.

The literacy rate of Karachi or Pakistan is not very high, still, half of the population i.e. females of the nation either face objectivism or gender discrimination. I often get a request from parents to provide them with female tutors at their homes, when they don’t allow their female children to travel, heed, or explore the field and profession they want to enjoy!

AKU-EB and ZUEB is a step in the right direction to examine secondary and intermediate candidates, but when the problem lies in the curriculum, the examination is only a small step to right the system.

Our educational system needs to be revamped, the obsolete course needs to be updated, the new curriculum needs to be introduced, our students should learn to solve the challenges of life, being risk-takers, be intuitive, appreciate goodwill.

We as a nation need to give freedom to our students, the 16-year-old must have a source of income, social interaction, and freedom of speech and choice. They are the future developer, support of our country and by now every one of us should accept and realize that the current system is not working.

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.

We at Tutors and Tuition are always up for this change, academic change is a must, personality development, counseling, and widening the perspective of an established career. We are willing to train teachers on how to ignite the learning interest, tutors to establish a firm connection with the students, and educators to reinstate real education.

Be it Home tutors or Online Tutors, institutions or academies, private or government schools and colleges, we are inclined to constantly introduce change in the educational system because the mode and aspect of education keep changes.

MuzThe Phenomena of Karachi’s Education
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