The Phenomena of Karachi’s Education

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Karachi is the world’s 7th largest city is impaired by a good educational institution!

At now in 2020 there are 6 educational boards, conducting examinations in Karachi. Namely,

Cambridge-British Council

  1. (CAIE) Cambridge Assessment International Education.

United States of America, Switzerland.


Board of Education Sindh


As everyone agrees, education is a crucial aspect of one’s life, however, few know the true meaning of education; it is to prepare one for the challenges in an adult’s life. School fails all but a tiny portion of the students! Schools are segregated mainly into two parts, highly academic private schools or deprived government schools where human ingenuity, energy, goodwill, and talent all get lost on an industrial scale. We are so much normalized to it that every one of us has either gave up on one’s dream or killed someone else’s. Just open the curriculum of your sixth or eighth-grader, where is marketing, ethics, competition, leadership, and management? Should not everyone educate themselves with it? Tutors are stress and burden for the students. If a tutor is ill-prepared himself, he will teach the same to his pupil.

The problem lies in the national curriculum; we are too used to the normal syllabus. The personality development is lacking in 90% of the graduates, soft skills do nothing in your resume, education has become an industry to mass-produce Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru.

CAIE and IB in Karachi is a bright step in educational development, their curriculum is updated but little they impact on personality development. Examination criteria of CAIE embark the ambitious students by awarding marks on what one knows than how much one writes. IB excels in educational development by their project-based learning rather than exam based. However, firstly these boards are not available to Karachi’s majority because of the financial reasons, and secondly, less desirable by the middle class as these boards are not honored and recognized by the universities in Karachi.

BSEK and BIEK, if I should phrase it in such words that these boards and their execution are an utter joke in the 21st century and the developed era we are in, is not disrespectful. From their curriculum to their execution, the condition of government schools or lack of their operation is evident proof of the seriousness of The Government of Sindh.

Execution of Online Classes by the government is still pending in September when schools are about to reopen, which was planned to air during the coronavirus pandemic.

The literacy rate of Karachi or Pakistan is not very high, still, half of the population i.e. females of the nation either face objectivism or gender discrimination. I often get a request from parents to provide them with female tutors at their homes, when they don’t allow their female children to travel, heed, or explore the field and profession they want to enjoy!

AKU-EB and ZUEB is a step in the right direction to examine secondary and intermediate candidates, but when the problem lies in the curriculum, the examination is only a small step to right the system.

Our educational system needs to be revamped, the obsolete course needs to be updated, the new curriculum needs to be introduced, our students should learn to solve the challenges of life, being risk-takers, be intuitive, appreciate goodwill.

We as a nation need to give freedom to our students, the 16-year-old must have a source of income, social interaction, and freedom of speech and choice. They are the future developer, support of our country and by now every one of us should accept and realize that the current system is not working.

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.

We at Tutors and Tuition are always up for this change, academic change is a must, personality development, counseling, and widening the perspective of an established career. We are willing to train teachers on how to ignite the learning interest, tutors to establish a firm connection with the students, and educators to reinstate real education.

Be it Home tutors or Online Tutors, institutions or academies, private or government schools and colleges, we are inclined to constantly introduce change in the educational system because the mode and aspect of education keep changes.

MuzThe Phenomena of Karachi’s Education
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Why Is There a Need For Home Tuitions?

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Teacher(whispering) Sorry your kid failed again; she can’t focus in class. I usually don’t do this but you are so concerned about her grades, send her to my house I will give her private tuitions. And yes, don’t tell anyone just giving you the favor.

An under-average kid needs tuition!

Hey, your kid’s grades aren’t good, assign tuition for him!

Awww! My kids are so good in academics they never need tuition!

Mumma, if you hire a tutor everyone will taunt Bhai that he is mentally weak…

The group who chooses science is the most intelligent, computer studies must be very average in studies, tch poor soul wasting his life in arts and commerce what can he do was very weak in academics.


Today, let me answer you, why your kid needs a Tutor?

We are living in Pakistan, A country blessed with everything except literacy! Our education systems are barely surviving, corruptions, ill-thought-out boards, outdated course, poorly invigilated exams, and marking without guidelines! Sounds like none of it is your issue? Must be from Cambridge! Yes, a good alternative but not so affordable.

This was a rant on the education system, now let me answer your question.

Does your kid love to study?

You can be honest to yourself, if yes then he must have a routine which I will discuss, but if not then it is an alarming sign, they might waste their all potential, believing their whole life that it is stupid.

Yes, every kid is not equal intellectually and the habits which seeds in earlier age provides a great benefit over time, do you think your kids do not need a home tutor? Are you always available to them during their study? Do you understand their study pattern? Does your kid have a schedule, reading habit, command over the language, confidence? Is he a problem solver or a help seeker? I will provide a comprehensive list that will ensure you that your kid is doing great in school.

Does he/she enjoy going to school?

Does he/she have any class presence?

Does he/she have confidence in the stage presentation?

Does he/she speak fluently?

Does he/she love to solve problems by themself?

Does he/she have any mentor?

Does he/she have a study schedule?

Why is there a need for home tuitions?

Answer these questions to get an assessment of your kid, they can be very good in academics yet some might tell you that they are in dire need of a HOME TUTOR, who can mentor, inject confidence, establish a study schedule, help them speak up, become a good listener and make sure that your kid achieves what he wants to achieve.

Contact Us!

MuzWhy Is There a Need For Home Tuitions?
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Are Tuition Centers Good to Guide Children?

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Hello, today I want to discuss tuition centers, their benefits, and their shortcomings.

When we were in college or most parents can relate me to Parents-Teacher Meeting (PTM) where the teacher always says, “whatever I have explained in the class, just revise it to get the good grades!”

If any teacher ever asks you to send your kid to their private tuition, be alarmed, and question them on their conduct, it is unethical to lure pupils to one of their so-called private tuition. They are independent and allowed to teach after their work but they should not be the same pupil!

Well, to some extent parents send their children to Tuition Centres for this same reason, a daily revision, but mostly these centers are neither well equipped with qualified teachers nor with proper atmosphere.

We at Tutors and Tuition tries to find the best institutes suited for your children near your locality.

If you are one of such centers and want our support to pass our eligibility criteria and you will be under our recommendations.

There are many coaching centers with excellent and resourceful teachers, great environment and staff motivated to bring a real change into pupils.

Let’s talk about the institutes with the famous teachers on its panel. First, a teacher registered into a school/college must give 100% in the classroom rather than lure those pupils to his private coaching center for better grades. I have experienced multiple coaching centers with renowned teachers who supposedly taking 90 minutes class, however, in reality, it is not over 30 minutes because of their busy schedule and commitments with multiple academies. Perfect money-making machines! 

Our tutors address the issue by giving the committed time to the pupil, and their continuous accumulation of knowledge makes them the most up to date in education.

Institutes or Private tuition, one thing is for sure revision what you require can be achieved if they do their respective jobs with righteousness.

Education is not pressuring someone to produce results, but uncovering the potential! Hence, Education made easy. Contact us!  keep a check on our teachers.

MuzAre Tuition Centers Good to Guide Children?
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